Wyoming Cybersecurity Action Network Committee

The WyoCAN website is maintained by the CyberWyoming Alliance, a member of the WyoCAN committee. Please check out our website at https://cyberwyoming.org/ or email us at info@cyberwyoming.org for more information.

The Wyoming CAN (Cybersecurity Action Network) Committee calls on everyone in our state to defend against the growing menace of cybersecurity threats.

The Committee studied other state strategies, public awareness campaigns, and national programs available which resulted in this strategy.  With this strategy, Wyoming is the only state that addresses cybersecurity for our citizens and organizations.

We are enjoying the immense benefits of the digital age. Wyoming has connected many communities to the Internet through the broadband ring.  We have world class data centers in our State.  We have ground breaking, innovative blockchain laws.  Through technology, we are creating new businesses and allowing all citizens, businesses and governments to become more efficient. Yet, we have insufficient cyber hygiene as evidenced by the FBI’s Internet Crimes Complaint Center database.

YearTotal Reported Losses50+ Age
Group Losses
of Total
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Total LossesAverage Loss
Per Wyoming
2016 Wyoming Reported Losses: $913,941$1.58
2017 Wyoming Reported Losses:$2,331,692$4.03
2018 Wyoming Reported Losses:$4,517,128$7.80
2019 Wyoming Reported Losses:$8,138,463$14.06
2020 Wyoming Reported Losses:$5,096,704$8.81
2021 Wyoming Reported Losses:$10,249,609$17.71
2022 Wyoming Reported Losses:$17,980,141$31.06
2023 Wyoming Reported Losses:$13,746,109$23.75

For the actual reports follow this link: https://www.ic3.gov/media/annualreports.aspx

It is clear from these data that Wyoming citizens and Wyoming’s economic infrastructure is at risk.  We have no choice but to act and we cannot be complacent. 

We launched the Wyoming CAN Committee in June of 2019 in response to these reported financial losses. The strategy and communications plan the Committee created gives us a way to work toward safety. We have a lot of work ahead of us. Wyoming will be a stronger, more resilient state with more competitive businesses if we can turn this plan into meaningful action.

We must advance our progress in cybersecurity, continuing to recognize that our goal of security will always be a process and not an end.  The overall goal of the Wyoming CAN Committee is to make Wyoming the most cyber secure state in the nation.

Want to get involved and join the committee?

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