Healthcare Cybersecurity Initiative

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According to the LinkedIn article entitled Health-ISAC Members Prove to be Resilient and Avoid the Wall of Shame (, 92% of healthcare companies that were breached were not part of an ISAC (Information Sharing Analysis Center).

The Wall of Shame started in 2009.  As of Aug 2023 there have been 5,558 events and 438 million breached PHI records.  The total USA population is about 340 million.

In the past 3 years there has been 2,209 reported events, compared to 3,349 reported in the first 10 ½ years. 

The HHS Wall of Shame:

Just for the Month of September 2023:
Covered Entities:              16
Individuals Affected:      3, 027,324.  6 times the population of Wyoming.

Call to Action

The Wyoming CAN Committee calls upon Wyoming healthcare institutions to join an ISAO or ISAC, get involved, and take this next step to protect Wyoming citizen data.